I wish I knew exactly what to do; but I’m so in love with you, and that makes it hard for me to choose….

I know you mean me no harm; when you send off to other girls just the gentlest charm; and give them a smile so warm; Not meaning me any harm….

I wish you knew exactly how much it hurts me when you flirt with other girls and make them smile; especially when you would go that extra mile…. It hurts me but I also would smile.

But my smile would be so blunt; Cause my smile would just be a front…. It’s not wanting others to see my pain; And me knowing and thinking this man/ bullshit so lame…

So from the anger I feel I would just refrain; GOD’S credit from this I would certainly gain…

But I wish my man knew how much this really hurts me; BUT OH! HE DO KNOW; REMEMBER YOU TOLD HIM SO; NOT ONCE OR TWICE OR THREE TIMES BUT 4…..Now tell me if it’s time to cry no more;

Now it’s time for him to choose either me or the door cause no more of my tears will hit the floor.

Now you say you love me and only me but I really don’t think that’s what others see, sometimes not even me….You ask me why do I care? and I ask you why do you have to share?

So I wish sometimes you were me and I was you; so you so you can clearly see the bullshit you take me through….

You act like its harmless; but it holds me like a harness. But the looser it fit; and the easier this shit gets

I never liked being tied down; that shit always causes me to frown…..


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