This story happened in TYLER TEXAS……

(THE FIRST DAY) There was this family that moved to this house in Texas. The mother name was Maggie, father was Charles, three girls names where Chearissia (10), Do’ Monique (11) and Michelle’ (7)

Across the street was this house with a whole lot of cats….

There were other children that lived in the neighborhood in the other houses, but it was always something odd about the house across the street with the cats all on the porch & sitting on the chair.

The two older girls Do’ Monique & Chearissia went outside to play one day and decided to go introduce themselves to the other two kids that were playing on the road in front of their houses. As they walked up to the two girls that were playing hopscotch, This was in the mid-70’s…. So that was a very popular game for southern children that only had chalk and the road to play with. The two girls never looked at them, they just continued as if the girls weren’t there. Ad Do’ Monique said hello! My name is.. One of the girls turned and looked at Do’ Monique and smiled! But when her teeth showed,they were sharp like vampires. Do’ Monique grabbed her sisters arm and turned to run… but then she bumped into the other little girl,still holding her sisters arm,

Do’ Monique screams really loud & Chearissia starts screaming. The girls now grabbing Do’ Monique and Chearissia wrestling with them as they fight to get away, they finally gets loose and takes off running in their house, screaming to their mother, but when they got into the house, they see their mother’s not home or their little sister, now terrified of what may have happened to them, Do’ Monique turns to her sister and grabs her about to run out the house but the two girls were coming in the door,as they were backing up! They bumped into someone… When they turned around, it was their dad, they got happy,crying, saying dad,explaining to him,seeing he was without concern about what they were saying and just standing there, Do’ Monique looked at her dad… He looked as if he was staring straight through her and smiled, as he smiled his teeth were just like those girls teeth, sharp! As he was about to grab Chearissia, Do’ Monique woke up! Panting,sweating and looking around Do’ Monique was only dreaming,now just sitting up in her bed she looks around at her room and realizes she’s in her new room, in a new town. She was only dreaming.

Do’ Monique jumps out of her new bed with her floral pink comforter set… steps onto her fluffy pink throw rug and slides on her white furry slippers with the bunny ears,as you can see,she loves pink. Do’ Monique see her sister Chearissia is already up! She hates it when her sister beats her into the bathroom. But to her surprise Chearissia’s not in there, it’s the weekend so she knows she’s not late! Thinking to herself as she finishes her morning routine,she didn’t wake me up this morning. Not thinking harder of the situation Do’ Monique just goes on to washing her face and brushing her teeth to get downstairs to the breakfast table. Rushing down the stairs, Do’ Monique sees everyone was already at the table. Mary asks her was she ok? You look tired! Did you sleep ok? Seems you did… your sister never beats you up! Now her dad adds… maybe it’s the new place huh champ? Do’ Monique tells her mother she was fine, but she told her she had a nightmare. Now her mother adds, DID YOU SAY YOUR PRAYERS? Do’ Monique assures she did, they finishes their breakfast as their dad starts to leave the girls asks… I thought you were off today dad? He tells them he only doing three hours today to get more overtime. They never get to spend too much time because he always was working, even on his off days he finds ways to get work in because he was the only one bringing money into the house. Their other use to be a nurse but Charles told her to stay home to watch the girls closer and he didn’t want them with anyone else. Now the girls Chearissia and Do’ Monique went outside because they saw five kids outside when they were done eating because the door was wide open, their mother likes to open all her doors and windows to let fresh air in since we were in the country now. She hated the city because it was always pollution and all kinds of stuff in the air, here in the country it’s always fresh. The children saw them coming and they all started whispering about them. As thy walked up closer one of the girls turned around and Do’ Monique stopped in her tracks and just froze. She had just saw that same face in her dream…

Then Chearissia asks her what was wrong? Nothing, I just, nothing… They walked up and introduced themselves Todd (12) one boy name Mark (11) Marq(11) twins Lay Lay (she 12) Connie (11) Just as they were about to all play kickball; another girl comes walking down the street…Sharon(11) It was the second girl that was in Do’ Monique’s dream. She just walked right up and smiled at Do’ Monique & Chearissia. Do’ Monique heart starts racing as everyone introduces themselves to the new girls. It’s now six other children eight including Do’ Monique & Chearissia. Once they were all acquainted, the kids started talking about the lady with the cats, which the two sisters had never seen the lady….their mom told them there was a lady that lived alone there and she loved cats. But once talking to the other kids they were playing with, they learned that she was a witch! So once they went in the house, they told their mother that the lady was a witch and she only comes out at night to steal the dads out of the homes because she doesn’t like men.

The two girls mom explained to them about how children tell each other scary stories and that they had nothing to worry about, she told them that the lady was very nice…they saw her when they were looking at the house they’re in. Then their dad chimed in scaring the kids more saying; wait! Girls go get in your beds I think I can hear her coming and calling my name! Now the sisters all three takes off running into their rooms, their mother came in behind them assuring that their dad was only joking. But still, all night the girls couldn’t sleep thinking the witch lady was going to come in the night and steal their dad away. The girls had sticks made of crosses to ward off the witch. Every noise they heard they were running to the door. Of course, it was only the animals walking by across the sticks and leaves


The next day the kids could hardly wait to get into the kitchen where their mother was up cooking breakfast and dad sitting at the table waiting for his food. The girls ran all into their dad hugging him and kissing his cheek. Now, dad says to the girls; look girls…. I know I played with you girls about this” witch lady”, But it’s not real; see! I’m still here!. Now the sisters look at each other and now their mom tells them….look, girls, kids do things like this in these small towns because they get bored and have to create things to do, stories to tell the new kid/kids.

Do’ Monique & Chareassia could hardly wait to get done eating breakfast so they could go outside and tell those other rude fib-telling kids off! They both hurried with their breakfast and ran out the door and dashed across the street where Penny, Tanya, Mark & Marq the twins were already outside playing. Penny and Tanya were jump roping with their own jump ropes; and Mark and Todd were running around them teasing them, annoying the girls to where it’ll make them mess up jumping to chase them around, the normal boy annoys girl thing.

Now the girls run up to Chareassia and Do’ Monique speaking and starting to offer the jump ropes to them when Do’ Monique interrupts them with “Why did you’ll lie to us? You ’ll made us stay up all night scared! and we had sticks made of crosses when you’ll be just trying to scare us from this sweet old lady, that just loves cats!. My mom said she saw her outside when we moved out here. Now Mark and Todd stop running and join in with the girls when Shaun, the little boy that lives on the other side of the old lady, comes outside and his screen shuts, & slams! All the kids jump and turn around frozen & hearts beating fast. Now they see Shaun all exhales and starts walking up to Shaun (10), Cory (10) & Mark & Marq (twins) rushing a bit, to get to Shaun first to get him in on the conversation about the witch lady. Shaun! Shaun! Look, these are the new girls that just moved right there on the other side of the witch lady!

when he walks up….he didn’t look happy, he just put a half grin when they introduced him then a hey wave. His head was down as if he were shy. But when the girls asked about him about the old lady next door… she came up with another story about the witch lady had gotten his dad, and turned him into one of the cats that be on her porch. Now Do’ Monique tells Penny .look! I don’t believe this stuff so I don’t know why you’ll keep on telling us this stuff. Now Tanya,(which was the one who thought she was older and knew it all) says; it’s ok…let them find out on their own! Now, Chareassia who has had her thoughts of the stories, chimes in snobbishly, with her arms folded; so, if this is really all going on, then why are your moms not calling the police? Don’t they want your dads back? Or maybe your moms are the witches! Have you’ll ever think about that? Now Do’ Monique knowing these kids are not about to like their mom’s being called a witch, yells at her sister, who was always starting something. Now the other kids start to argue with Charissa when Do’ Monique interrupts by yelling and saying you guys just stop arguing about it. Charissa, you stop calling these kids mommas a witch!

Let’s just play hopscotch and jump rope and leave this all alone and just play. Did we get one more week for something to happen right? You said it be between the first two weeks right? Now Shaun asks to Do ‘Monique in a kind of a whisper, have you’ll saw her? Now Do’ Monique stops talking now to just look at Shaun and says no! But that just means, being interrupted by Penny saying..look, they want to believe what they want to believe, let’s just go! To the rest of her friends. Now Shaun says, well who made you our leader to tell us to leave them and follow you?

Your dad didn’t even get taken! Now everyone’s quiet… Penny(11) looks around at everyone staring at her as tears forms in her eyes, she runs off and to her house… With her friends yelling for her to come back and Shaun saying, Winnie! I didn’t mean it like that. Penny turns and yells I guess you showing out in front of your new friends! As she storms into her house. Just as all the commotion was going on the lady had come and sat on her porch and none of them even knew. Once they all turned and started to cross the street, the lady calls and says. Be careful crossing that street, cars may come zooming down the street. Your dads should tell you that.

Now all the kids silent as the lady gets up laughing walking back in her house. All the kids scared and hearts are beating so fast that Shaun tells them he’s going back in the house. Now Todd & Mark telling Do ’Monique & Chareassia, you just heard what she said? Did you hear that laugh? And they walk off and goes into their houses, now the two sisters look at each other in confusion. What’s wrong with these people out here? Say’s Chareassia. They go in the house.

Their mom sitting on the couch when they get in, asking them how they like the new neighborhood and the kids…

Now they sitting down next to their mom, looking at her in confusion… Telling her all about how the children act about the old lady next door, and what the old lady did…the laugh and all! Magdalene has had enough of all the kids’ stories now and very tired of her girls not sleeping, decides to go to the parent’s houses and introduce herself. And she tells the girls, “to make you feel better tomorrow we will go to the lady next door, so you girls can see her and meet her for yourselves. Now go get yourselves ready for dinner! Your dad will be home in another hour….


Now Chareasia and Do’ Monique scared because now they have to go meet the witch lady! All because of those fib-telling kids outside, we have to go to the witch lady house and may never come back out! Terrified of what may happen tomorrow; Now the sisters in their room, decides to make up another story to try and get their mom to change her mind about tomorrow.They come down calmly and tells their mom; “Mom… we just wanted to tell you we don’t have to go over next door because we are the ones that was telling them it’s not true! We aren’t the one’s should be getting a point proven because we told them, “That old lady is a sweet old lonely lady,that just like alot of cat’s! Right Chareassia?!…. Chareassia now shaking her head up and down even while Do’ Monique was telling their mom the story anyways,

Now adds in.. And Do ’Monique even argued with them taking up for me! Because I told them.. Maybe your mom’s are the witches!. Wow! Says Magdalene… you girl’s really is scared of this nice old lady… now chuckles,shaking her head..mumbling “wait until I tell Charles this; We can make a story out of this one. Laughing to herself as she walks into the kitchen to check on the cookies she was baking for the neighbors.

As the girl’s sat quietly watching television, Their dad walks in, who works long hours,until the sun goes down…(Charles; 6’ medium built,muscular-works construction) Hey! My little 3 stooges! All three girls jumps up,greeting their dad as he picks Michelle’ the 6 year old up. Oooh! Your getting to be too big for me to pick you up! You gotta stop growing;jokingly as he looks at his baby girl,who really is getting big. Now putting Michelle’ down he looking over at his other two girls…who knows their too big for him to pick up,just comes in for their own personal hugs from their daddy. “And how was my bigger girls day today?Any more ghost stories? As he walks in to kiss his wife and blink at her about the question he just asked the girls. Knowing she don’t want them talking about it anymore.As Magdalene looks at Charles saying,oh yeah! They do have you a good one this time. As she pulls the cookies out of the oven; Charles adds ummm,cookies! And they’re for the neighbors! smacking Charles’s hands away…. Looking at the girls now; Charles adds, Tell me we all don’t have to go and meet the neighbors baby? You know I don’t need these cowboy fans bugging about the saints…not knowing I don’t even do sports. Looking at the girls, Magdalene jokingly adds; Well according to the neighborhood kids, all the fathers are on the old lady’s porch posted as the cats…laughing as she’s walking out the door…baby I’ll have your dinner when I get right back ok?

Oh! It’s fine baby, I’ll rather fix my own dinner tonight,let you go meet the neighbors… I got our dinner,speak for me,have fun! Come on girls..let’s eat! Magdalene smiles and walks out the door. As she was walking out of her gate. The old lady calls out to her and say’s Do I get a batch also? Magdeleen jumps,didn’t know you were there ma’am;uh..yes ma’am we were coming for a visit tomorrow if you didn’t mind… I have some things to clear with the parents,so I was just going to bring cookies for mis-happs with our children today. Now the lady was quiet and goes,hmmm.. Children and their mis-happs,

You can say that one again,seems these children have been out here making a lot of mis-happs! Now Magdalene says okay I will see you tomorrow mrs,as if asking her name?

Miss,not married anymore,It’s Miss Cassandra, OK? Now looking confused walking off yes ma’am I will see you tomorrow. Now walking up to Shaun’s mom door… knock,knock,knock… Who is it? A sweet voice called out… Uh, My name is Magdalene, I just moved in next door… I have cookies! The door cracks a bit, looking around to see if it’s a kid at the door….Magdalene says hello? Now the lady says hello,may I help you? Ma’am, I as just coming to introduce myself! I didn’t mean to disturb you,I’ll just come back tomorrow,sorry to have bothered you miss. Magdeleen stands there to see if she changes her mind,thinking to herself; this is strange? But her neighbor closed the door and locked it as if someone was out to get them.

Now Magdalene just turns in curiosity,wondering what was going on around here? Maybe the kids aren’t lying,they may be on to something here. Shaking her head smiling as she walks off the old lady goes, I could have told you she’s not too fond of women coming over, she may lose her husband again…then starts a wicked laughter……. Now Magdalene runs into her house and close and locks the door,frightened by what she just experienced herself. Standing in somewhat a confused but frightened state, Her husband asks honey! Are you ok? What’s wrong? Now getting up from the table..walking over to Magdalene,Charles now wondering, Magdalene looks at him and says;very strange neighbors…. Charles says.. What happened? She didn’t like your cookies? Now Do ’Monique says,we’ll eat them!Grabbing the cookies and sitting them on the table. Everyone waiting to hear what happened as Magdalene just came and sat at the table. She just tells them oh, she just didn’t answer the door.

(DAY 3) They next day Charles was up before everyone,(as usual) He made coffee and Magdalene came down. Good morning honey! Morning! Walking to the restroom,Magdalene washes her face & brushes her teeth, Charles asks;while the girls are still sleeping honey what happened last night? Now Magdaleen replays the night for Charles…. Sitting in awe, listening to what his wife just told him about the adults then remembering what the children told him…. He wondering now… just what is wrong with this town? Baby, I’m so sorry… I know I’m gone a lot. But just try again in the daylight! Maybe they’re all vampires, as he chuckles and kisses her on the cheek,picks up his keys,tells her have a nice day;and tell them to tell their kids stop feeding ours their fairytale stories…….pulls off.


Now Charles is off to work, breakfast ready for the girls… Magdalene have a few mysteries to solve today, so while waiting for the girls to wake up, Magdalene decides she want to try this meet and greet again, Now calling around on the telephone she gets a bit more information on her neighborhood. It’s now 10:30am the girls all was up,ate breakfast and just lounging around inside;watching TV and playing. Magdalene tells the girls, “ok let’s go! First they make a stop by

Tanya’s so they can apologize about the day before…. When Magdalene knocked… the lady that came to the door was a nanny… she said her name was shelly,and Mrs Daniels isn’t feeling good. Magdalene explained she just was new to the neighborhood and just was stopping by with cookies. Shelly explained Mrs Daniels was in bed come back maybe another day. Now Magdalene turns & explained to the kids, well guys one down and 4 more to go! Looks like our day will be busy today,smiling and gesturing the girls to follow her. Now they goes to Shaun house to try one more time.

By now the girls are kind of irritated and asks do they have to do this? Magdalene says,”Of course,how else do you meet someone and get to know your neighbor? Mom, Chareassia say’s, I don’t mean any harm, but your neighbors aren’t that neighborly! Right says Do ‘Monique, can’t we just let them come to us if they want to meet us, I mean look at this, you never see any parents… Never! Except you & dad for now!. Now Magdalene standing in front of Shaun’s house when the door opens. It was Shaun, Hello! Shaun says Do ‘Monique… My mom, well we were just about to come meet your mom is she home. Shaun holds his head down and rubs his feet across the ground and goes no, her and my dad left for shopping! Really fast and looks up, turning to go back inside,see you guys later I might get in trouble they catch me out while their gone. Wait Shaun! Cries out Magdalene, put these on your table and let your parents know I came by to drop them off, yeah ok, Shaun grabs the cookies and goes back inside, they hear the door lock. Shaun peeks out the window as they turn and leave and he waves at them.

That’s it mom! Let’s go home, this is really crazy… Just as they were going home they heard winnie call out to Do ‘Monique.. They turn and Penny and her mom was getting into their car getting ready to leave when Magdalene called out waving hello! Penny’s mom looks up and waves her hand and gets into her car and they drives off. Mom says Michelle’ I want to go home… see! Says Chareassia, Now they all going into the house when the door to the old ladys door cracks and three cats run out,and hops onto the chair…she says,hello neighbor… looks as if your hospitality not the same for me .. none of your neighbors still have the same hospitality as they did when they first moved here… Now Magdalene feels a bit embarrassed and tells her neighbor, sorry I need to put my baby down for a nap,she just told me she was tired. And Mrs Cassandra closed her door.

It’s now 2pm and all the children are outside playing,Magdalene was sitting on her porch. The old lady’s door was open but screen was closed…. She calls came to the door and called for the children, the children all just stood and looked…. Now Magdalene decides to go over to the yard and say, hi! Shamely laughing,You know how kids are,is there something I can help you with? By now she finally gets a close look at the lady: 5’3 with long grey,nearly white hair,she walks bent over,and she looked up and her eyes had cataracs,it scared Magdalene when she first saw them. She was offering the children tea cakes.. she was very creepy looking but Magdalene didn’t want to be rude. She told her…well the kids aren’t going to take them,they’re shy…. The old lady adds,take them home. But would you mind coming in and having coffee with me? Now she opens the door,gesturing for Magdalene to come in. Not wanting to seem rude,Magdalene accepts the offer.But telling her can we just sat on the porch?my baby still napping inside and the kids are playing out here.So Cassandra agrees to go sat on the porch with Miss Cassandra.

She gives Magdalene a cup of coffee and sit down and started talking really crazy,asking weird questions about her husband & their relationship. As this went on, Magdalene then started to get uncomfortable an tried to stand up… By now her girls came to the porch to check on their mom, they saw she wasn’t looking right! And came asking her mom! What’s wrong ? Are you ok? Not even thinking that they were on the witch lady porch….. Then finally! Looking up for the first time, Do ‘Monique screams when she sees Cassandra eyes! They were like looking into white marbles, by then the witch lady told Chareassia go get your little sister girls! Your mom fainted! Go get your sister and bring her to your mom, I’ll get your mom in the house laid down! Hurry! Now Do ‘Monique like no! Give us our mom & we will take her home! Chareassia already has run home in terror,with no plans of bringing her little sister to the witch lady! Calling her big sister Do ‘Monique! Come on!


Knowing it’s almost time for her father to come home,Do ‘Monique insisted on stalling the witch lady from getting her mom into the house, really couldn’t stop Cassandra; plus she was very terrified! Do ‘Monique finally wondering why nobody was helping,she looks back and all the other children were gone! She looks at her house;for her sister and she and Michelle’ were on the porch crying. Horrified; the force she did hold the witch lady with was loosed, They were inside when Do ‘Monique looked again she was going into a room with Magdalene and Do ‘Monique snapped back and runs into the house yelling no! Where are you taking my mother! Cassandra closes the door and locks it behind her. Do ‘Monique starts banging on the door as she hears the lady speaking loudly saying weird stuff… she looks under the door,all she can see is red,and candles burning on the floor. The louder Do ‘Monique bangged the louder Cassandra chanted! She can hear her mother saying No! No! No!. Leave her alone! What are you doing to her? Do ‘Monique being only a small girl just cried and felt so hopeless, she felt it was all over;it felt like a dream as she slid down the door,all she could hear was Cassandra chanting,and her baby sisters screaming her and her mothers name. Her eyes closed as she could hear;what she thought she heard her sister saying ‘DADDY GO GET MOMMY, THEY IN THERE!…. Then she heard from a distance,a faint voice in the midst of the chanting MAGDALENE! DO ‘ MONIQUE! She then saw her dad, as he kicked down the door where her mother was.

Do ‘Monique looked and saw her sisters running towards her, Chareassia calling her name,Do ‘Monique get up! Grabbing her sisters hand as she raised to her feet. She looked back as she saw through all the smoke from upcoming flames from the candles burning everywhere in the red room, she saw her mother strapped down to a chair and her father untying her. Her mother head slumped over as her dad looks back and tells them, GET OUT OF HERE! GO, RUN TO THE HOUSE! They saw Cassandra raising up; Daddy! Called out Michelle’ crying… Daddy look back! Do ‘Monique yelled out as Cassandra was about to attack Charles from behind, he stood and pushed cassandra and she fell down onto the burning candles and caught on fire! Charles threw something over cassandra to put the fire out from her….. but she was already burned badly. Since Cassandra can’t distract him anymore now, Charles hurried and untied his wife,threw her across his shoulders, and runs out of the house not looking back! Cats running out of the house all different ways….. Charles tells the girls,get in the car now! They leave and takes Magdalene to the hospital. As they drove out,they passed the sheriff, firetrucks & ambulances..but Charles wanted to get his wife there. She was examined,they told him that Cassandra tried to voodoo her,so she gave her something to put her into sedation! Good thing you came in when you did do there is no telling what would have happened!.


Later the sheriff and deputy came up to the hospital to talk to Charles and his family. They were informed that Cassandra was dead.. And they found all the missing fathers that she had locked in her basement under a spell.They were brainwashed to say over and over.. I will love and honor my wife, I will never cheat on my wife. Over and over….

The story was said, that she disliked men because she caught her husband in bed with a neighbor once. He was always gone,leaving her alone all the time… Real flirtatious, So one day, she went and saw a witch doctor to get her husband to never look at another woman,only her… In the midst of all this she became obsessed that all men were cheaters…and started doing this to all the men in the neighborhood.Soon she had all the women under her possession, & that’s what she was doing to your wife…. The reason she got away with it for so long was because no one ever got away but you! We found all the evidence once we searched the house… It was so many hidden walls and so many spell books and potions and animal parts frozen, you’ll are lucky you got away. We brought all the women in we have to get them all taken care of. But you were the lucky ones..you got away! Charles and his family moved as soon as they left the hospital. They left everything behind…

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