If you love setting your own hours, sharing time with family, taking vacations… while working! Guess what the best job for you is? Yep! You guessed it! A writer… Do you like to write about things, then you need a blog page/site. I love writing, I write poetry also. You know writing is your life when all you can think about is writing, you dream about writing, you know the one where your words are prancing in your head? And as soon as you wake up and do your morning routine, but while brushing your teeth… Your mastering a story in your head


I knew I wanted to writes since I actually learned how to write… I loved writing, even if it was gist a quick note. I wrote so much in school they knew I would have no problems when it was time to take out our class journal for bell time. My family members would know when I was around because I was writing all over envelopes, phone books, whatever there was enough space for me to write anything. So when you say you want to be a writer, Do you find yourself boring at your regular 9 to 5 and can’t wait to get to your writing board? When you’re supposed to be working but you’re conjuring up the plot of your story? While you’re on break, instead of taking your normal break, you decide to finish the ending of your story? My friend, you’re a writer!

1 thought on “WHY BE A WRITER

  1. Had to comment on the Sansa Meme, been there lady, been there.

    Thanks again for your insight on my blog, I didn’t expect these wonderful dialogs, but I am enjoying them. It’s a nice change to have a community of peers who know that there is nothing little about building an empire! Cheers to you Lakiesha


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