The clock is ticking, what do you expect me to do? I thought you were real, I thought you were true, I’m looking around..looking for you; Where did you go? I’m even calling your phone too; I can’t do this by myself it won’t be the same, And I was so anxious to share your last name….Do you know the date? Do you remember today? You had to I see it no other way…. Clearing my mind trying to think nothing but the best… Thinking to myself this has to be a test….As I stand there looking scared, hoping you would just show up; Thinking to myself, I have the worst luck; Looking in at the crowd seems they’re starting to notice we’re late….. Of all the days for you to be scared to show up you choose this date…. Well here goes nothing I guess it won’t be tears of joy I will be shedding; Now I have to go out and tell this crowd there won’t be a wedding… As I close my eyes it caught me by surprise; A hand touches me as my uncle hands me a note as he clears his throat; I almost died as he stood there chest stuck out with pride… upset opening the note slowly it reads”I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO BECOME MY BRIDE”… Heart melted smiling now as I shed tears of joy; Thinking to myself i was hoping this was ONE DAY he wouldn’t destroy.

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