How I came to write my first book

First I was just want to say I was diagnosed with a bone disease in 1999 work related then had 3 car accidents that made it all worse,But can’t let that stop life from happening right?So time in and time out I’ve tried working different types of jobs that can finally snuggle with and climb the ladders, yet wheeled out on a stretcher is where I’d end up after a good month in a 1/2, or I end up at the hospital with a release back to full duty… No lifting,bending,stooping sitting etc. Ok now the job like well whenever you get released back to full duty let us know, which be never once my Dr see what all I have really going on. Now I’m between a rock and a hard place seeing I really can’t do any hard labor.

I love working,I was always loved at all my jobs,and I like to work hard. But all this don’t matter when you can’t even do anything about it. Well that wasn’t so true seeing I had a profession under my belt that I hadn’t touched in years. I use to write poetry, but due to it not bringing in any income & I had no idea how to get paid from it even when I found you can get paid, but in 1996 when I was writing I didn’t even care about the money I just loved sending it to and getting the small recognitions,little certificates.I was missing out on so much forcing myself to do all these things I cared nothing about except nursing and that was still out the door.
Long story short, I already had writing under my belt. I had met a guy name Carlos between this time that had started helping me financially and while I was seeking my goals of what I wanted to really do, I knew it was writing but just sitting the the house writing poetry and music it set off a bell that I wanted more.

while doing my poetry I felt the sense to write some music, During this time I’m still searching for ways to get paid,I saw a ad online to submit your poetry and they will make it music, wow! Now I submit my poetry and my songs I wrote and they tell me they liked and can I send one more. So of course I send it to them,now I’m thinking to myself this is unreal,this not true, a week later I get a contract in the mail from majestic records. Now I’m so shocked I had no clue what to do now because they wanted $385. For making the CD’S They had there singers to sing my lyrics and made cds. Now I’m like stuck,they are going to send me 10cds for the $385 I don’t even have $100.00. Now I move on after a while I still have the contract as long as I send the money which I was totally in with if I could have just been able to see how true it was. Of course I had gotten copy writes and all too all my things I put out there. Still haven’t sent the money or got my cds but one day soon.
<img src="; alt="d5eaee17799d48041926bd5e1c971782233751779.jpg" width="854" height="960" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-62"/

Now that was not the end of my career seeking journey because I still felt empty, even doing what I love I still felt like I was missing something,and I was… I asked Carlos to bring me some paint & drawing utensils,He got me the easel all the paint I wanted,the whole art set up & drawing art pencils,everything I needed to be a artist. I told him I wanted to paint and draw now. Without another word, he took me to Michaels arts and craft store to get the items in question, the whole while he said nothing, he was happy to see me doing constructive thing so he must just was wondering where all this was going to lead up to because he never complained. Mow I have my poetry & music, and now about to paint and draw. What I never knew this whole while, is I had no clue these were steps to success for me, well it haven't yet but I do feel it in these broken bones lol. Now the good part of this story was after the poetry & song writing then the drawing & painting. I was still missing the point of it all. I had one more request from carlos, can you but me some more paper and pencils. Now he looking at me and asks, what you mean?

I say now I know, I'm ready to write a book, put my drawings & paintings,poems & songs in it! Now he looks at me and say's wow! You are so multi-talented. I was wondering what all this was leading to, at least it all didn't go to waste. And that's how I got the book "MY LIFE AT A GLANCE"(The good,bad & the ugly) the story of my life…fhtukgw_d1636142005.jpg
This is some of my drawings.

It’s just me: <img src="; alt="img_20180514_151116388331528.jpg" width="2250" height="3000" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-100"/

Some of my poetry is here on my:

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