Today I had a very surprisingly shocking situation happen to me. I say shocking because it came without a warning,without me being able to even react! But to have GOD by my side at all times I know I can breakthrough anything. These things don’t just happen… They accumilate over time,catch you in a deep comfort zone, then suddenly like a theif in the night it happens. But never let a situation take you out your realm. That’s what they’re here for, to just give us that push we been needing, that push we pray for but make no efforts to fix ourselves. So when you get a warning, then you keep turning a blind eye, GOD will show you,. He get so tired of you turning your head he just will grab it,make you face it… Make you stare it straight in the face & see it for what it really is.

src=”https://imanewblogger.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/photo-1502139214982-d0ad755818d8.jpeg” alt=”photo-1502139214982-d0ad755818d8″ width=”1100″ height=”733″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-183″ />

Now sad from the fall but still landing on my feet. Realizing it’s not that bad, to have went through this situation,to see things for what it really was the whole time, thank you JESUS for letting me see.moral of my story is that, everything isn’t always what it seems… A sleepwalking journey is what you do when you say you believe in GOD but wanna take ways of the world and twist certain things of GOD’S words to make what you do right.the truth will come out eventually…AND YOU WILL HAVE TO OPEN YOUR EYES.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. This is edifying. God is always waiting to come rescue us.

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