Getting through


In life, we all have to figure things out sometimes. At work, bills,relationships,even life for some,figure out how they gonna eat,sleep etc… being a parent sometimes we have to figure things out… Yes, with me being a teenage parent is what I called a choice, because it was what my mother gave me while I was still in high school.
I knew about sex, because of course it was so out there!

I was being taught about it in high school, or talking about it with friends even before my mother and her boyfriend,came to me and sat me down and had an adult talk with me for the first time. I remember I was so horrified! I wasn’t having sex then,but I was feeling the urges. No! I was not about to tell my mother “well now since you brought it up, yes… I am ready”. So shy about even having this conversation with my my mother! I feel was my first responsibility of figuring it out! Have this embarrassing conversation with them,or deny it all and be free. First choice I had to figure that out! It was a hard decision, I’ll take B, just lie about you even being interested in sex they’ll leave you alone.

So I had that choice before I put my mom through the embarrassment of having a 15/16 year old high school child having a child, as if she didn’t do her part as a parent! Now being a teenage parent,raising a child as a child myself… there were things I had to figure out myself, my mom was still working, I had to be a mother. I did that, now not only do my mother have to raise another child,keep me in school & work! She had to figure it out!

So now, me being a mother, I see so many things I did to my mother,that my kids do to me and I just laugh to myself & shake my head. I was always taught to be strong for myself, and to be a self dependent woman, and to never expect anything free because nothings free! So I grew my children on that very sternly now today. I install self dependency in them because I was raised on laziness as being a sin.
I taught them how to never depend on some thing always have a back up plan in life because ANYTHING can happen at any given time. I let them know I will always be there but I can’t do it for you.
I can’t always help you sometimes you have to figure it out!

I can hold your hand up to here, now I have to let go” “what now”? “ Well figure it out”! I can’t live your life for you”, What do you want to do?” Sometimes I’m there for them way too much and it makes me feel helpless for them… And I have to step back,and do a self check, a reality check on myself. The American dream not free baby, you have to work hard, and sometimes you don’t even get it then… You make mistakes,call mistakes upon yourself…even after warnings, you pay for those mistakes,and when you need me sometimes,I just can’t help you at that moment, then what? Then you’re stuck… you just will have to figure it out! I will teach you, I will help you, but when you make certain beds, you have to lie in them yourselves.

As hurtful as it may be at that moment, you just have to tell them… figure it out! I gave my children the same things and opportunities my mother gave me, and I still made my own decision. So sometime I use to have to figure things out! But with GOD’S LOVE,THE LOVE OF FAMILY & FRIENDS & THE TOOLS OF LIFE…
YOU WON’T GET STUCK WHEN IT’S TIME TO FIGURE IT OUT!I was going to use photos…but decided against it!received_271915806602271

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