I’ve finally come to the realization that if I want to be a writer, I have to at least write! I have to write something on the computer screen or at least on paper. Every day I wake up I tell myself… I’m going to write on my WIP (my book TWISTED), it never happens.

But I come to social media and spend most of the day reading other peoples blogs, posts about writing, some were good and some I just be like, dang really? I shouldn’t even be as hard on myself to publish my articles. Writing is just writing what you feel, writing what you know. You shouldn’t feel pressured so bad that you end up too scared to even write anything at all.

Why is it like you’re getting graded? Because basically, you are, think about this…You put an article, short story, poems or your writing out there for others or maybe, hopefully, publishers to read. When others read your writing you’re wishing to be discovered right? Just like people putting out videos on YouTube.We are all looking for that big break in life where we can just kick back on the beach and some wanna be sipping on a mai tai or some other tropical drink.

Then suddenly someone reads your article, book, short story etc… Give you a bad review now your whole entire life shambling before you know it! You curl up in a corner and feels like your whole world is over. But that’s only one person thoughts. Or even if its 10 out of 20, whatever the case may be just always know…its not the entire world.

So what I had to come to a realization of, is that writing is just writing. It’s to have fun with, tell stories… Some good and if you want to give the bad ones so others can be warned of the situation. Tell your story! share your story! Get it out here for the world, let them decide what they want of yours, don’t just decide to keep it all away and we never get to see any of it! (Just a message for myself and others).

Now I do know reading is good for the brain & the soul & it’s fundamental etc, etc … But if I can focus on writing the way I read on social media I think I can get more focus on my own writing. I download so many writing apps that some I never get to go back to, ebook apps that I need to finish a book to even use. I think to myself like girl what are you doing? Just sit down and write! stop looking for excuses not to write, what are you afraid of?

And my fiance always tells me, You will never know if your writing sucks if you never even let anyone else read it but you. You are your own critic & worst enemy. So I will tell you, writing should be fun but yet it still comes from the heart. If we put out the time to write it, we want it to be our best…

Well I know if you just write it & get it out there, you already did the hard part. You will always have a critic. You will never make the entire world happy, it’s impossible! JESUS couldn’t even make these people happy. So a critic is a critic, that’s their job, its what they do! Criticize other works, looks etc… When you can’t get your message to all, but at least put it out there so those that do can have that chance to buy it, or like it, see it, get it!

1 thought on “WRITING IS WRITING

  1. Great attitude. I get the struggle 😀

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