Growing up I never thought I wanted to be a writer. I really wasn’t that type of girl coming up, I was always quiet and shy… Stayed to myself most of my Elementary years, I can barely remember the answer I gave then if ever being asked this question in school! (which I’m sure I was), I couldn’t imagine what my answer must have been. When I think back that must have been the last thing on my mind because I can’t even think back on it. What DID I want to be growing up? What was my answer? See, I grew up in Tallulah Louisiana… A small town with no jobs, so I just wonder now, WHAT DID I CHOOSE THEN? Since I know what I know now. I know I love writing, but I also have grown to love painting, I also draw which all of these things I have a passion for and if I would have done something with it, (stayed at it) It may be a career by now instead of me trying out!

One of my paintings, I’m not a professional but I get all good feedback on my works!img_20180915_1232541182476785.jpg

Because now! All I can think about is writing. when trying to sleep, I can’t, because all I can think about is the next plot to my next story, my characters and what will I do with them next. It’s like that’s all I know is writing, reading, drawing & paintings etc… It’s what I love doing. Growing up I never dreamed of being a writer, That career choice never crossed my mind I’m very sure it wasn’t writing I’m more than sure. When I was 16 one of my close friends got me a job with her at this theme park called “FANTASMIC” It was like a small amusement park with rides, & water rides. I hated that job! It wasn’t the fact that It was all out boring… I mean, I was a child for Christ sakes! Why don’t I want to work there? It was in my age bracket… Then as I got older I learned more into the nurse’s department. I graduated from the nursing career, that’s when my body issues came, I hurt myself at work and its never been the same for me. I have very serious issues with my back, so that left me disabled and unable to work. So I can’t even pay for my publishing, I write stories all the time, I write on Medium, I tried Tumblr, its kind of different for me. But I just need a place to share my writing, writing experiences & trials of writing. You’ll if you may, please bear with me with my many experiences I will be throwing out here. It’s just so much I have to say, many different things I will be going through and sharing. I write music also, so I sent in a couple of song to Majestic and got quite a surprising response.so I know the talent is there. A response to some songs I sent to Majestic:

So if I had money I wouldn’t keep writing about writing. I’d be a published author/painter/ songwriter. Or not just telling you’ll about my next book I’m about to write or that I’m working on. I never wanted to be the person who only writes about writing I’m heading to be a published author… But until then this is what you’ll get from me. My writing on writing because I’m a struggling author. I’m writing this article because many hide from articles that speak on their real struggles as a writer and no I’m not looking for a handout! I’m simply just writing and telling my situation.

But all in all, I’m just writing an article that’s speaking on how I feel at the moment. I’m writing this article because I want to write and this was the chosen subject. I have written about love, the choices we make, how the world is etc… Now I just want to write. Since I was 16 years old, I have dreamed of so many careers from when I was asked in the fifth grade… “WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP”? I remember asking myself that question when I was 15, I remember writing poetry not even knowing my real love for writing. But now I know the answer to that question without a doubt. I know why from 15 years old at FUNTAZMIK until now, 42 and knowing I never liked not one career I’ve been in, not even Nursing. Because writing has always been in my soul, that’s why I write my own unique style of poetry, that I’ve always gotten acknowledgments on from poetry sites.

Yes, it’s a few typos, but still got accepted through EBER & WEIN PUBLISHING.

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