As I sit in front of my desktop I try to figure out what have I been doing wrong with this writing. I see/read shall I say, all these other people writing and I do read a lot because I know reading bring on ideas and it also gives you more knowledge. But I tend to start getting nervous when it’s time to write as if I’m giving my articles to an agent and will get a rejection letter or something. But what I love is the fact that my grandbaby had a book fair the other day, and she chose a diary and this pen. So out of a whole room full of books she chose this diary and pen… when the lady asked: “sweetheart why didn’t you choose a book out of all these books, don’t you know reading is fundamental”?


My baby smiled at her and said: “yes ma’am”… but I chose this diary so I can write in it every day because I want to be a writer just like my granny mamma”

(And what I love most is we are both Lefties)

Now you know that made me feel so good. Now she sees me sitting in front of this desktop day in when they on the way to school and when they come home, I’m still sitting in the front of this desktop. She never knows the struggles of me not knowing what I will write, or that I get stuck sometimes even when I know exactly what I want to write.

You really never know who’s watching you so you really have to be careful about your choices in life. Even if it’s not a family member that’s watching, you still never know or what they are watching out for from you.

With that being said, this gives me even more of a reason to want to do this writing thing. I go through the motions of looking at this as if it’s just a hobby because I’m not published yet. But I think it’s pretty dam cool to just sit back and put your mark out here in the world first, give people some of your work and show them where your mind is at before you get out unless you’re already a big hit in the industry and they already know you.

I never knew what I was doing with this whole writing thing at first… thinking just because my handwriting was cute in school I should be a writer to show off my handwriting. But then I started writing poetry and loved it, so I kept it up regularly… And I’m happy I did.

Writing gives you this sensation of relaxation…

And as long as you have a beautiful place to write, your mind floats on words like pillars of clouds. A place where your mind is free to roam the beauty.

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