Beginning with just a simple email… Thanks, Chris Baty.

With all that throughout time, they created the most extraordinary idea for writers.

Camp NaNoWriMo has helped writers all across the nation, young and old. It teaches dedication, focus & willpower to finish a deadline.

It’s fun & creative… But what I love most about camp NaNoWriMo is you get to create cabins with buddies, that will inspire & motivate you to push to the end.

In July, during camp, I had an unfortunate event but ended as a blessing… My Camp NaNoWriMo buddies supported me all the way & keep me sane.

WHAT CAMP NaNo means to me is that I will get on this project this time and stay on it and get it done this time.

And with a real author behind me daily giving me pointers to assure I stay focused and not contained writer’s block in the midst of writing a novel in a month! Eek, don’t just saying it freeze your brain already?

I love the way they have the camp, young writers program

So, I tell my family all about camp coming up this November 1st because I was so horribly attacked in my July session, and I couldn’t enjoy my writing.

My daughter Tramaine, a few days after being shot 3 times… 2 shots were life threatening…

All I want this November 1st, is to really get to engage in Camp NaNoWriMo from November 1st until the very last day in November for Camp. I really don’t care about winning… I mean I would love to, but I just want a full participation and I’m happy.

Is it s’mores and campfires time, the time to sit around the fire and tell horror stories, to write about later on of course, doesn’t this all sound so fun?

Well, I don’t have a campfire in the woods to camp out, how I wish I did… BUT! I have my hammock outback, I have my iPad and my android, I have this antique fireplace that goes outside, and me and the grands will have Camp NaNoWriMo in my back yard.


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