What I just learn from THE ASCENT from MEDIUM is that I need to really learn how to be a consistent writer, See! I felt  better even writing that and repeating it over in my head. I feel better even knowing finally… I will start taking on responsibility of being consistent if I ever plan on getting paid as a writer. And especially if I have ANY plans  on being an author. How in the world do I ever expect to write a full book if I lag around the house not writing and feeling sorry for myself.

Yes I have plans to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo, but I can imagine how that’s about be with me making an excuse. I need to get way more responsible then what I have been being with my writing. I mean as far as writing with pen and paper I have so many folders  that I can share my work. But that’s my problem… I look through it then start judging myself instead of letting the world choose what they like and what they don’t like. I guess that’s called being afraid of rejection.

I  just make sure I don’t leave room for anyone else to judge my work. So with that I will be here so can you people in the world make room on your schedules to start reading because I will be finally getting my work edited as best as I can and share my knowledge I know I have and start getting ready for rejection because I do know my work will not be satisfying to the entire world. And it’s not for the entire world to like if that’s the case that’s at hand, as long as it reaches some… I know I am cut for this writing thing if I just sit and write like I know I can. It’s hard when you have those little people on your shoulders dragging on your soul sucking you dry of the knowledge you have, wanting you to fail.

I know all about if you want to be a writer, just write… it basically seems dry and unattached from the message that, without consistency… nothing’s possible. Consistency basically puts you in the being responsible and owning up to your shit!. Stop makin excuses for something that’s so simple as sitting down and writing. And another problem I have is being a rusher. I be so much in a rush to get an article out & published for other’s to read that I don’t edit. Why would you just wait and go back and read your article before you hit publish?

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I just need to get it all together and get responsible like all the people still publishing  their books on Amazon because they show consistency in what they interest is… writing their books!. But I have no clue why I have everything I need and want to make my dreams come true but I just keep making excuses to do it. I have everything from IPAD’S to Laptops but yet I create a frenzy to some reason I ain’t sitting down writing. Create goals for myself is one way I will become successful in my writer.

I will be a writer…

I will stay focused

I will sit and be consistent in my writing…

I will publish a book on Amazon.



And it will be worth anyone’s time for their buying and reading.

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