Yes, I’m still here, struggling to stay consistent as usual.  I want to be a great author someday, that inspires other aspiring up and coming writer’s! Well, Needless to say where I’ve been since not here, It’s not like I’ve been on vacation… I don’t have a job. And if I was on vacation, at leas I would have something consistent to write about. But since I’ve just been hanging around the house doing absolutely nothing! That’s it! I’ve done absolutely nothing. So as I figure since I’m a lost writer going all over the internet blind, even though I do read so many writing articles… I’m still blind out here. I know they say there’s stories all around us, our neighbors, at stores, watching television… so on and so on.

But me, I still have no clue what to do next seeing I am my own worse critic. Even when I get a green light from other’s, I still feel it isn’t enough. Then they say, “Write your article over a period of days… Not minutes! But see me, I think I’m a writer right? I mean that’s how I felt for a while… Why can’t I just write on my blog all day? Well now I know why! I’m my own worse critic! Nobody else have to just tell me my writing sucks! I don’t need a bunch of strangers even embarrassing me by paying me a measly couple of bucks after all the hard work I put into an article, you’d actually see me trying to get paid as a struggling, aspiring writer and give me NO CREDIT! NO CLAPS! NO MONEY? WHAT?

Now if that ain’t enough to get a person with a brain like mines, that mind already runs fictional as a character in my own stories. You mean I’m the only one that thinks this makes sense? Si I know I’m not supposed to give up, I know I’m supposed to write regardless to what because there will be others that think my writing isn’t good enough.

Well I know this because I’m just beginning my journey! I have no Editor or Agent! DUH! Come on Kiesha… You have to give yourself credit that your even sitting down writing. And even more credit sharing it with the world. But still I have this feeling that everyone thinks my writing sucks… Out of 157 followers I can’t even get paid $20.00 for Articles that I myself thought was good enough to at least get $5.00. But no… Nothing. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, like just giving up. But then I continued reading other authors, not just writers like me. The paid professionals… The big kahunas. Where this writing stuff all came from.

All I ever get is the exact same messages. write everyday, or sometimes, just don’t write at all! Give yourself a break.  Well it always seems my breaks are me walking out the office quitting my job I love so dearly, But I feel so drained doing something I claim to love so much! Me and my crazy writing world. Well here I am, Back to give you’ll some old boring story I hope will keep you’ll busy for another  4 or 5 months. And I hope the subscribers I did have are still here waiting for me to give them ANYTHING TO READ!

1 thought on “ARE YOU STILL HERE?

  1. Captures every writer’s journey well enough

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