Yes, I’m writing for the people, but at the same time my writing is for me! what I feel the people may want to read… I try hard to think the real reason I wasn’t focusing on my writing, was because I have been racking my brain daily because I been too focused on how other people will judge my work.

I have to give myself the credit I deserve… I’ve actually written so much, but I’m full of self doubt with my own work, so that leaves me not working on my blogs regularly… then I’m frustrated at myself. Too scared to share what I would come up with; this is how you know if you’re writing for the people or yourself, when I’m finished with any of my work…

I need reassurance from others, even when they tell me it’s good, I still have doubts about publishing… weather it’ll be my poetry, or my articles or my books.“I wonder will they like my writing”? “I wonder if this article is stupid”? “I’m scared to write about this”!Get off social media to read other writers articles, Bam!

The very article I chose to read is similar to what I was just about to write about, self doubt kick in…That article way better than yours will be”! “You don’t have to write today”… “Nobody even will read your work anyways”! Haven’t you saw you are not a writer”! “Your writing really sucks”! But we have to worry if the public like our writing because that’s who’s judging our work because they are taking their time reading it or taking there money and buying it to read.

On and on everyday holding back because my brain been so scrambled these last weeks. I was writing for NaNoWriMo everyday with no problem pumping out words like it was nothing. Suddenly! There was nothing there for me to say anymore. I completely froze up on Thanksgiving eve, My WIP went to me not even opening my desktop to even read or edit my work.

I don’t know what keep happening, I look on Amazon… or I get notifications that these people just published, when I’m still working on a book I been writing going on a year now. All because I want perfection… I don’t even know what perfection is when it comes to writing because the editing process never ends. Soon as I think I can finish writing… I read an article then end up going back!Oh yeah! That’s my flaw on writing… I can’t keep going when I know there’s a flaw, It eats at my ear telling me “ You just read “and or just” shouldn’t be all through your Manuscript”! you need to go back and change all that”!

How about just remembering when you done with the entire Manuscript after you’re finished! Go back and edit the full Manuscript. Polish it, edit it again then again. I have a problem with staying focused, plus I doubt myself daily from the reading I do. I always compare myself to these other Writers. I know I have a far journey to travel, I look forward to embarking on the new ideas I learn as I write my WIP.

I appreciate all the Medium writers and authors when they give us newbies the do’s and don’ts… All though some of us like me still seem to not learn nothing from all this self help they offer I use to think it was basically copying, then I realized…

“Wait! “they’re not saying write what they’re writing or write how they write”! basically they’re saying “Here’s some good information you will need as an aspiring writer/author

Michael Shook -5 Remarkable Ideas Only Great Writer Will Understand…

Cheo( CHAY-oh) How copying writers you like can improve your craft…

These writers are telling us what they have already experienced to us up and coming writers, they’re letting us know what we need and where we may run into a brick wall, so they are simply steering us to where we can go and be ok out there in the writing world… Thank you! I thank all the teachers of writing.

Well, I wouldn’t pretty much say copying, it’s not actually copying unless you actually write everything that author said… following that authors guidance is what I would call what us up and coming writers can do. We read our best author, for sure our writing should better. We would learn so much, and instead of me being afraid to sound like someone else is out the window.

I want to learn that authors skills/knowledge of writing, not their body and soul, they share there knowledge… we pick it up, create our own voice within that given knowledge, you keep your own voice with a splash of a great author, we should surely be ok. Sometimes you may need to step back from the work and give your thoughts time to unwind.

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