This title comes from a conversation I was having with myself as I was taking a smoke break. As I was thinking to myself of any accomplishments I made that I can be proud of myself for. I started to start putting myself down about becoming a published author, wondering to myself “Who are you really trying to convince?” I was mad at myself about  not being successful with my blog site, or even failing at not knowing how to even set up a unique blog site. I’m at this moment acting as if I’ve been at this the same amount of years I’ve been in this relationship I’m in that’s finally hit it’s brick wall. That would be 4 1/2 years on trying something that I’ve saw no results in. too busy looking at him and what wasn’t changing about him I was almost missing what was changing about me.

As I sat there downing myself for what I wasn’t… I got a reality check from myself, A tap on the shoulder … excuse me but didn’t GOD save your grandson Metrie?Then your daughter’s life, in fact your children and your grandchildren lives? Each time they went into the hospital it was life threatening. Don’t you live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath home that belongs to you and your two babies? Don’t you have a senior about to graduate, haven’t gotten pregnant… interested in leaving for college immediately? Aren’t you a selfish little one?

Miss Edwards! you have a lot to be thankful for in 2019, you’ve succeeded in getting 3 books published in 1 year… Imagine that for one beautiful year… GOD have been busy with you while all alone you been so negative…looking at all the bad things or what you don’t have, rushing publishing when GOD giving you learning time on how to become an author. In order to be a great author you have to learn how to be a great reader and writer. I’ve learned so many things by slowing down, not rushing to be a person you wouldn’t even know how to explain in an interview.

You can’t just sit down, write then think your a writer. Yes, you are a writer if you do this everyday,dream it as you’re sleep, can’t sleep because you have a plot in mind, you have a pen/pencil and tablet on your night stand for a character that came to mind in your sleep. You’re on your way to become an author… A successful published author. But how can you ever get there if you’re continuously beating yourself up everyday about followers on Medium platform or WordPress or Twitter? Give them something to remember who you are… You can’t rush perfection, On your New Year’s Thank you letter to GOD you have many things to be thankful for… including being a struggling writer and a published author. You’re on a writing journey to being a great author.


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