When I wrote my first book, my autobiography… I was bold with no care in the world, I wrote things inside that book I wish today I can take out, but it’s too late! I also wish I had friends or family that would Beta Read for me. I’m afraid to hear the truth but I know I need to. It’s an Urban fiction book, with cursing and a few sex scenes. When I first started to write Twisted I started it about a girl named Lisa, then I changed it to a guy named Ronnie who is Lisa’s boyfriend. I love writing but it seems, well I know I have a lot to learn and my grammar is way off as a writer… But it’s what I love to do, and I have a lot to say, so I write.

I know I have a great passion for writing because when I try to sleeps, plots to stories dance in my head, characters call outlines they want to say back and forth, so I have to get up and write. I hope to get better at my writing and I would love to have a solid opinion. It seems to ME like my writings good and I feel my opinions matter and are great! But I can never get paid for my articles so I feel like that will happen with my books. My Autobiography have my thoughts, experiences through life, warnings, and opinions that I hope other young children would listen to.

I would like someone who has never met me in person to be very serious, hurt my feelings but not in a nasty, harsh way… Just an honest opinion. I hope this isn’t begging but I’ve been looking for some help from some of my closest family and friends but they all work with lives and no time. I love writing and I especially love when words flow out where they belong at the right time. That happens sometimes to me and I think words do where they really don’t.

I never really cut a lot out of my writing and I’m horrible with grammar because I’m from the country so I type how I talk. I try hard now that I write to change that, don’t know how it’s working but as soon as I can get an opinion other than mines who think all my writing is perfect I would know. I’ve been my own editor seeing I have no income for awaiting disability… Not whining or giving stories but it is what it is.

So, what I need to know from my friends is can you please tell me the secret to where are the book people that love to read for free and give an honest opinion, but not in a heartbreaking way just because they have the power?

I know I still have a lot to learn about writing but my mother always taught me that if you want it done…do it! If you want to go for it, then go for it! As long as its legal. I’ve been looking for readers of Urban fiction, can I get some pointers of where to find these mystery fairies?

9 thoughts on “BETA READERS

  1. I’ve found beta readers all over the place, from random forums on the internet, to Goodreads, to Twitter. They’re really hit and miss. I’ve had a few really good readers, but the majority of them are lackluster.

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    1. Omg, I’m so afraid of what review I will get from Twisted (Ronnie’s Troubles) This wait is very intense waiting to see if a review will EVER COME UP for Twisted without me asking someone to read it! Thank y, BB Morgan,an

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  2. Plus, I made a mistake its Urban Fiction and the name has been changed its Ronnie’s Troubles…. Ronnie’s Choices book 2


  3. Hi Lakiesha- If you are still in need of someone to test read for you. I’m willing to help and for free 🙂 I’ve done it before with a few ebook authors. You can even send me the first few chapters and I’ll give you feedback and if my style works for you, we can continue. You’ve done the hard part and that’s right the story. I’ll even send you a link to a review I did on a book if that’ll help. Either way good luck to you.


    1. Oh and my blog is not on here. I used another site, but I like the reader option here.


      1. I would really appreciate the offer. I ‘ve been watching for someone that’s interested in Urban fiction… Sex, guns, and violence… It’s not all that many sex scenes bit a lot more killing and some foul language. I really appreciate this.How will I get the book to you to read?


      2. Send it to I like all of that and more. I read and review a bit of everything. I just started sharing them under my blog.


      3. Here is a link to the review I did of Vindicated. It has all those elements


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