With all the things we go through in this world, we all sometimes need something in the end to fix it all. When we’ve had a hard day in the office, all we want to do is come home to a peaceful home… Bath and relax right? Some just need to relax with that glass of wine, a shot of your favorite drink. When we have a falling out with a significant other, spouse, our children… It’s a call for our favorite cocktail and or just relaxation, or both! Either way, when things get crazy, we need that big thing that we do to overcome all the craziness that we’d rather just sweep under the rug for a later time to deal with it.

Well, I ‘ve always looked at NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION’S that way sometimes. It’s like all the things we do wrong or couldn’t get right all that year, we put it off on that next year, then promise things into the universe. Some of us will do our best to make that pact we made come true and or stick. Some of us put out into the universes unrealistic things that are just way too impossible for ourselves. We know it’s something hard that we know we want to stop or start, You know! goals that we set that we want to come true. Like we using New Years as a wishing well within the universe.

We wait an entire year to change something when we can change things about ourselves every day! I know some people do but it’s funny to see us get all prepared for this one day every year to set goals for ourselves that we would either do and keep doing or not do anymore. We sometimes say we want to lose weight (that’s a huge one on New Year’s), Stop drinking is another.

Some of us say we would get our lives together and do better with ourselves. Ok, I been struggling with my weight off and on for years… Sometimes I would just let myself go! Then one day it’s (the fat) is all there sitting exactly where I put it. I tell myself… I’m losing this weight and I do it. The point is we set goals on New Year’s as if those are the only times we are allowed to do these great things. I know there are motivated goal seekers all year round. I love those types of people! Motivated on a regular…

I told myself its ok to set a realistic goal for myself because I need that motivational goal set every day… That should be a goal! To continue to set a goal daily! No!… Not a bucket list of things I want to do… But a goal setter for everyday! The way we take New Year’s and make it a responsibility day… As if every day can’t be a new year to set a new goal a day as if it’s a new year. It’s a celebration that we’ve made it another year in this world… So we need something big for that right?

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